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University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)



Validity is a measure of the extent to which a particular item actually measures the concept it was designed or written to measure. Validity of a survey instrument can be established in a number of ways.

Measurement of "face validity" is an attempt to determine whether subjects understand the meaning of a particular survey question differently than those who wrote or designed the question. In 2006, researchers at UC Irvine conducted focus groups with undergraduate students to investigate how students interpreted or understood the meaning of questions from the 2004 survey. These results were used to develop items for the 2006 survey. In addition, an item validity study was conducted in concert with the 2006 administration of UCUES. At the end of the survey, students were asked to comment on a single, randomly selected question from the survey they had just completed. Analyses of these data are forthcoming.



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